List of Publications



“Cascade Street” AntipodeanSF, Issue 216. July 2016 

“The Origin of Species” Antipodean SF, Issue 169. July 2012

“Skin Deep” Antipodean SF, Issue 150. Dec 2010 (published under Kate Murphy)



Index of all feature articles and reviews written for Pop Cultured (fka Vivid Scribe)

Index of all articles written for The Write Turn.

“J.G. Ballard: Defining The Ballardian” Thresholds Magazine. November 2016.

Metamodern Musicals: An Essay Comic on Pop Music and Cinema

Illustrated by J Marc Schmidt
An essay in comic book form looking at the idea of metamodernism and how it relates to pop music centred movies being able to be classed as film musicals. (currently unavailable)

‘Death to Boring Vampires – The Life and Death Antidote to Contemporary Vampire Culture’ (Pop Matters March 2012)

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